We have been finding out that there are different styles of Bible. The children noticed lots of differences, such as the size of the writing, whether the pages are thick or thin and whether or not they have illustrations. They could suggest reasons why there are differences, such as that some are written for children.


Geography- Maasai

This afternoon we learned about the Maasai tribe. We watched a video about them and talked about what we found the most interesting. The children really enjoyed the jumping dance and were fascinated that with their jewellery.

We then made our own African necklaces, decorated our own shield and used pastels to create an African sunset.











Next week

In maths we will be continuing with place value and looking at partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and ones.

In English we will be planning and retelling the story of Lila and the secret of rain.

In topic we will be looking at the people of Kenya, the Massai and animals native to Kenya.

PE is on Monday. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school.

STEM: Anti grenade

The children made an anti grenade. The goal was for the egg to survive a drop from the hobbit hole. All the eggs survived the fall. The children decided this was because the ground was soft. They decided to test it further by throwing them on the playground. 

Unfortunately not all the eggs survived this rigorous testing.

 Scrambled eggs anyone?

Luckily, one group was successful!