Monthly Archives: September 2016

Next week

In English we will be continuing with our letters. We are going to look at the features and layout of letters.

In maths we are continuing with our two digit addition and subtraction. We are also recapping number bonds and place value as it is extremely important the class are secure in these.

In topic we will be painting and writing a letter to Dora. For Pre learning children can write five reasons why Dora should come and visit the UK and, in particular, Golborne.

The Day the Crayons Quit


We have been reading ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ 

It is a fantastic story and the children have really enjoyed writing their own letters to Duncan as disgruntled crayons.

Evie’s Red crayon is worn out!
Joes green crayon has been overused. 
Mayah’s purple crayon is making threats!

 ‘You need to stop using me for whales and the sea. Just use me for little blue bottles, or I will snap’ 
Elliot’s crayon has reached breaking point.

‘I am getting smaller and smaller over the years! Soon I will be gone. I can’t look over the box anymore if this doesn’t stop I really will be gone’

Sebastian’s crayon is disappearing.

‘If you don’t use a different colour than I will snap!’

Kaci’s blue crayon has had enough.

Kiera’s crayon is feeling sad.


Next week we will be writing letters. In maths we will be looking at addition and subtraction using a number line.

In topic we will be continuing our seaside research. We will also be creating images from photographs. For Wednesday please send in a photograph of a place in Golborne. It needs to be outdoors as children will be painting the image.

Rock kids 

Rock kids have come in for the second day. All the children are enjoying it. Si and Jonathon are  teaching us rock songs to link with PSHE. Today’s songs are Never Give Up which is about facing challenges. 
We are also perfecting our air guitar for the performance on Thursday.



Next we we will be writing up our alternative version of ‘Not now Bernard’. In maths we will be looking at place value and using the < and > symbols.

In topic we will be looking at seaside resorts. If you have recently visited a seaside resort in the UK send in some photographs. You can also help your child prepare by choosing a seaside location and researching it.