Monthly Archives: October 2016


After half term we will be completing our science experiments finding out about friction.

Our topic after that will be History looking at 1953. If any family members remember the 1950’s ask the children to interview them, if not have a look online at news from 1953, music, films and people.

Have a lovely half term break

Next week

Next week is assessment week. 

In RE we are exploring the bible and looking at different holy books.

On Wednesday children can bring a bike, skateboard or scooter to school. Please bring safety gear, or the children will not be allowed on. Also, children can bring a toy with wheels for our science experiment.

Next week

We will be writing letters as disgruntled stationary objects. Will the letter be from a broken pencil, a chewed pen, a smashed ruler or a lost rubber? 

Children will be including exclamation sentences and questions in their writing.

In Maths we will continue investigating money and will start on some multiplication.

In RE we are looking at the bible. Children should bring their favourite book in with them in Tuesday.

NOTICE- On Wednesday 19th children can bring their scooter, bike, or skateboard to school. This is to link with our Science on forces and motion. Please remember helmets!