Monthly Archives: January 2017


We made musical instruments. We talked about the different materials instruments are made out of and sorted them by how they are played. Then we planned and made our instruments.

On Friday we played the instruments and looked at differentiating between beat and rhythm. 

Next week

In English we will be planning our story of what happens when we travel through the door.

In maths we are looking at the bar model of addition and subtraction.

In RE we are looking at special places and the Church.

PSHE- Life bus

This afternoon we went on the life bus to learn all about ourselves. We discussed different organs in the body and their role.

Then we talked about how to look after ourselves including medicine safety and getting lots of sleep.

We met Harold the Giraffe and became detectives.

We also discussed bullying how to recognise it, what to do and how to help others.

Finally we joined the party with a very wriggly dance.

The children really enjoyed it!

Next week

I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

We are back in school on Tuesday and children will need their PE kits.

In English we will be writing diary entries using adverbials such as first, then, next, after and later.

In maths we will be looking at place value and comparing using < > and =

In topic we will be starting our new topic on materials. Have a look at the materials around your house.