Monthly Archives: February 2017


This morning we watched a video explaining mummification. We then wrote instructions for making a mummy and used Monroe to make our own.

In the afternoon we had a mummy wrapping competition using toilet paper.


Next week

Next week is Africa week. Our country is Egypt, we will be looking at where Egypt is on a map and ancient Egyptians. 

It has been lovely to see the research children have already done. Over the weekend have a look at hieroglyphics and pyramids.

Next week

We will be doing assessments to see how the children are progressing.

In English we will be writing a story about our adventure with the magic door.

In topic we will be looking at our church and creating collages.

Tonight you will have received a letter about our enrichment week. It is Africa week and the country we are looking at is Egypt. We are going to link this to history and will look at ancient Egyptians. You can look at where Egypt is on a map and talk about the ancient civilisation.