Monthly Archives: July 2017

STEM: Anti grenade

The children made an anti grenade. The goal was for the egg to survive a drop from the hobbit hole. All the eggs survived the fall. The children decided this was because the ground was soft. They decided to test it further by throwing them on the playground. 

Unfortunately not all the eggs survived this rigorous testing.

 Scrambled eggs anyone?

Luckily, one group was successful!


Transition week

On Monday and Tuesday Year 1 came into the Year 2 classroom to work. We started on our topic about Africa. We looked at Kenya.

We also made traditional African masks, used paper to create Kente cloth and created images in the style of African line art.



Next week

I can’t believe next week is our last week in Year 2!

Monday and Tuesday will be transition days and the children will be working with Mr Sparks in Year 3. They are all very excited. They will still be coming into Year 2 in the morning and I will be dismissing the children from the hall doors like usual.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be STEM days and I have planned lots of fun challenges for the children.


This week we have been writing poetry about the seaside. We had to make sure our poems had rythm and we performed them to the class. The children all did very well and were fantastic at performing them.  

Jasmine, William and Gemma received a headteachers award for an amazing performance of their poem.

Erin also received a headteachers award for beautiful presentation.


Science- being healthy

This afternoon we talked about being healthy and we tasted healthy snacks.


We looked at how to keep our teeth healthy. We chewed a plaque disclosing tablet to check how well we brushed our teeth. Then we brushed our teeth for two minutes.