Monthly Archives: September 2017

RE Noah’s Ark

We retold the story of Noah’s Ark. First we collected wood to make the ark and used tools to build it.

Next the animals were loaded onto the Ark.

Then the rain began to pour. It rained for 40 days until everywhere was flooded.

After the flood went, God painted the world with a rainbow to show that it was clean and beautiful. It was God’s promise to never flood the world again.


Excellent homework

Here are a few examples of the homework tasks. It is fantastic to see the effort that has gone into completing the tasks.

Please remember all homework books need to be in on a Wednesday and will be returned on a Friday.

 The children can choose 6 tasks to complete over the half term. This is one a week but it is flexible so that you can choose to do more than one a week for example; you may choose to do 2 fortnightly, three every three weeks or 6 in a week.

Children are still expected to read at least 4 x a week and planners need to be signed weekly.

Next week

In topic we will be comparing the climate of the UK with the climate in Kenya and will be looking at the Big Five.

In maths we will be solving place value problems.

In English we will be looking at letter writing.